King Parker

Teddy has evolved into our tiniest angel. I’ve always wanted a Doberman Pinscher puppy, and thanks to you, I’ve finally found the ideal one. He’s doing great and getting stronger every day.

Nancy Z

Exemplary experience A fantastic Doberman! The Puppy we got from Doberman Puppies Palace is gorgeous, incredibly affectionate, and a fantastic addition to our home. Doberman Puppies Palace really lived up to their promises! We are ecstatic beyond words.

Michelle Collier

“I’m really happy that I choose Doberman Puppies Palace for my new dog! Their dedication to producing healthy, content puppies is exceptional, and the procedure was easy and stress-free. I’m over the moon to get my new puppy, and their puppies are a joy to have in the family.

Shawn G

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new pup from Doberman Puppies Palace! Their commitment to providing healthy and happy puppies is second to none, and the entire process was smooth and stress-free. I’m so happy I chose them – my pup is an absolute joy!

– Johana Ferresterous

Ethan ~ Jason and I wanted to express how much we appreciate you and what you do! We love our Levi and he has already stolen our hearts- You truly love what do and it shows 🙂 He is the sweetest temperament and is absolutely gorgeous! – THANK YOU AGAIN!! 💚

Craig Jones Sr.

My Gabriel (called Max) was purchased from Doberman Puppies Palace around 14 months ago, and what a huge, gorgeous, self-assured, and strong dog he is growing into. She is the owner of some amazing dogs and a lovely kennel. Doberman Puppies Palace, many thanks

Lisa Cruise

Although I rarely comment, I feel compelled to in this instance since Doberman Puppies Palace is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to and is extremely knowledgeable about Dobermans. The love and pride he has for the breed, let alone his personal animals, is more than evident, and their canines are just gorgeous. I’m eager to buy a puppy from him soon because his new kennel is beautiful. Maintain your excellent effort; you are awesome! I want to talk to you soon. I pray for both you and your family.

Laurie Stewart

As a master handler with more than 20 years of experience, I can see that Doberman Puppies Palace loves its dogs. I have visited countless kennels during my life, so it is good to see a breeder who prioritizes the needs of the dogs. I hope some others will follow your lead in terms of how a kennel should be run. I wish more people would. You would always be in demand if the law enforcement community still used Dobermans as working dogs!

James K.

“Picked up Kyla the weekend of Memorial Day. She was a surprise gift to my girlfriend. She has been our bundle of joy ever since.”

Sandra H.

“She was just what we were hoping for, she fits right in. So, so sweet. Thank you for all the work you put into her, it shows!”


“Stephanie’s dedication during Glen Coco’s first eight weeks definitely paid off, and he was the ideal addition to our family. Thanks to Christinah’s teaching of her puppies, kennel training was a cinch. To assist in fulfilling our dogs’ dreams, we wouldn’t entrust anyone else.


“I am so thankful to Doberman Puppies Palace for bringing Mia onto my life!   The conscientious and ethical way Doberman Puppies Palace breeds and raises her puppies results in happy, healthy,  well-adjusted additions to families. Mia has been a joy from the first moment I met her.”


“Glen Coco was the perfect addition to our family, and Stephanie’s hard work during his first 8 weeks really showed! Kennel training was such an easy process thanks to the training Christinah put into her pups. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to help make our dog dreams come true!”


“I owe Doberman Puppies Palace a huge debt of gratitude for bringing Mia into my life! Doberman Puppies Palace produces puppies in a responsible and moral manner, and as a result, their puppies make for happy, healthy, and well-adjusted family members. Since I first met her, Mia has been a delight.