About Us

About Us

Why We Standout

All our puppies at the Doberman Puppies Palace are neurologically stimulated, resulting in dogs with a healthier cardiovascular performance.

Guardian Program

Doberman Puppies Palace owns and cares for all of your puppies' parents, therefore we are able to offer extensive information on bloodlines and veterinarian reports.

Hands-On Care

Our goal is to provide families healthy, happy puppies, and part of that aim includes raising puppies in a caring environment. Our puppies receive the best diet and vitamins, regular grooming, unlimited love, and exercise.

Licensed and Inspected

A government-licensed and inspected family raises each puppy, and each puppy receives routine physicals and veterinary examinations from the on-site licensed veterinarian.


All dog lovers want to know that their new family member gets the best start in life and comes from a stable and caring environment. We have loved the company of our Doberman since we got our first puppy more than 20 years ago, and throughout the past 15 years, we have devoted ourselves to learning everything there is to know about the upbringing and breeding of these animals.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) registers dogs and puppies, and we have diligently worked over the past ten years as breeders to develop beautiful smooth-coated Dobermans, who are renowned for their wonderful temperaments and sweet dispositions.